Wire Management Cable Sleeve -5m
Wire Management Cable Sleeve -5m
Wire Management Cable Sleeve -5m
Wire Management Cable Sleeve -5m
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Wire Management Cable Sleeve -5m

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Easily lock loose wires and cables, and can organize indoor wires in a few minutes.
Easy to disassemble and reuse: no longer need to use elastic bands or cable ties to wrap the wires, just use our wire tube, just pull the wires when not needed.
Durability and safety: thicker materials can better extend the life of the wires and protect the wires and cables from dust, wear, tangles and kinks.
Branching idea: You can separate wires of different lengths through the edge holes, which is especially convenient for daily use, especially on desktop computers.
Applicable to: manage computer wires, power cords, USB wires, car wires, audio or other mechanical equipment wires.
Application: household, office, workshop, construction, electronics, cable and wire assembly, packaging and transportation, outdoor activities, etc.

Color: Grey
Size: 5cm x 1.6cm x 5m

How to install:
1. Measure the wire and cut the tube to the required length;
2. Open the clamp and put the wire inside;
3. Push the protruding part of the top of the clamp into the coil;
4. Grasp the wire tube with your hands, make sure the wires are all inserted into the tube, and push the clip down along the tube;
5. Continue to push the protruding part of the top of the wire clip further into the wire tube, and continue to lay the wire until completion;
6. The pipe clamp can be clamped around the complete line pipe for future use.

This product only includes wire tubes and wire clips, and does not include any other decorations.
Due to different lighting and screen settings, the color of the project may be slightly different from the picture.
Due to manual measurement, please allow slightly different sizes.

What's in the box?
1 x 5 meters long wire tube
1 x Wire clamp