RFID Door Access Control Electromagnetic Lock Kit
RFID Door Access Control Electromagnetic Lock Kit
RFID Door Access Control Electromagnetic Lock Kit
RFID Door Access Control Electromagnetic Lock Kit
RFID Door Access Control Electromagnetic Lock Kit
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RFID Door Access Control Electromagnetic Lock Kit

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The RFID door access control system kit adopts advanced integrated circuit technology to prevent all data from being lost due to power failure.
The door can be opened using proximity cards, passwords, or the hybrid.
The door lock installation kit provides a method of safely and automatically controlling access rights makes it an ideal device for enterprises, offices, factories and communities. A full set of door security system to update your home security.

Product Name: Access Control Kit
Working voltage: DC12V ± 10%
Working current: 3A
Storage capacity: 1000 households
Door opening method: swiping card, password, card + password
Card reader type: EM (ID) card
Door opening delay: 0~99 seconds (adjustable)
Data protection: power failure protection function, data will never be lost
Control type: support external read head to realize access control
Access control power supply: high frequency switching power supply (110~240V wide voltage)
Access control electric lock: equipped with 180KG standard electromagnetic lock or two-wire low temperature electric bolt lock
Exit button: large rocker reset switch (plastic 86 type)
Proximity card: standard 10 keychain cards
Package weight: 2.15KG
Size: RFID induction keyboard: 11x11cm; magnetic lock: 17x3.8x2cm; switch button: 8.5x8.5; access control power supply: 10.5x9x3.3cm
ZL long bracket: 16.9x3.3x2cm; ZL short bracket: 13x3.5x3cm

1. The product excludes connection cable for this product, it needs to be purchased separately.
2. The power must be cut off before installation.
3. The installation of this product requires a certain amount of electrician knowledge and hands-on ability. Please consult an electrician.
4. This product includes an access control kit only, excludes any other item.
5. Due to different lighting and screen settings, the color of the item may differ slightly from the picture.
6. Due to manual measurement, please allow slight difference in dimension.

What's in the box?
1 x Magnetic lock
3 x ZL type bracket
1 x Access control power supply
1 x Switch button
1 x RFID induction door to enter the keyboard
10 x RFID key fob
1 x Package mounting screw (for electromagnetic lock)
1 x Package mounting screws (for keyboard)
1 x Package mounting screws. (For buttons)
3 x Instructions

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