RFID Access Control Electromagnetic Lock Kit
RFID Access Control Electromagnetic Lock Kit
RFID Access Control Electromagnetic Lock Kit
RFID Access Control Electromagnetic Lock Kit
RFID Access Control Electromagnetic Lock Kit
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RFID Access Control Electromagnetic Lock Kit

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This RFID proximity door access control system kit uses advanced integrated circuit technology to prevent the loss of all data due to power failure.
The security system is powerful enough to open doors using proximity keys, passwords or mixed passwords.
It provides a secure, automatic method of controlling access rights, making it ideal for businesses, offices, factories and communities.

Operating voltage: DC12V ± 10%
Operating current: 3A
Storage capacity: 2000 households
Door opening methods: card, password, card + password
Card reader type: EM (ID) card
Door opening delay: 0~15 seconds (adjustable)
Data protection: power failure protection function
Control type: support external reading head to achieve access control
Access control power supply: high-frequency switching power supply (220V)
Access control electric lock: equipped with 280KG standard electromagnetic lock, or two-wire low-temperature type electric plug lock
Exit button: large rocker reset switch (plastic 86 types)
Induction card: standard with 10 key fob card

Package weight: 3.28KG
Package size: 30cm x 20cm x 15cm

1. There is no connection cable that comes with this product, this needs to be purchased separately by the customer.
2. The power must be cut off before installation.
3. Installation of this product requires a certain degree of electrical knowledge and hands-on ability, if you do not know how to install please consult an electrician.
4. This product is only the access control kit, no other item is included.
5. Due to different lighting and screen settings, the colour of the item may be slightly different from the pictures.
6. Please allow slightly different sizes due to manual measurement.

What's in the box?
1 x Magnetic lock (mounting screws included)
1 x U-shaped bracket (mounting screws included)
1 x Power supply for access control
1 x Switch button (mounting screws included)
1 x RFID induction door entry keypad (mounting screws included)