Pet Cat Supplies 10Pcs Set
Pet Cat Supplies 10Pcs Set
Pet Cat Supplies 10Pcs Set
Pet Cat Supplies 10Pcs Set
Pet Cat Supplies 10Pcs Set
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Pet Cat Supplies 10Pcs Set

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Cat litter box is necessary for cats, which can effectively keep the house clean and protect the floor. A large moving space will not restrict the cat's movement in the shaker. Spacious space
It can also perfectly prevent cats from soiling themselves and prevent litter and feces from falling on the ground. Features: 1. Large space cat litter basin, detachable, washable, equipped with cat
Sand shovel. 2. Removable design, easy to clean and handle. 3. Raise the frame to prevent cat litter from splashing out.

Triangle cat's nest, plush soft pet cave bed will bring great happiness and warmth to our favorite family members in autumn and winter.
Two bowls of automatic drinking water for pets, one for food and the other for water. The stainless steel bowl can be removed as a whole and is easy to clean. There are four at the bottom of the whole bowl

Non slip black mat to prevent slipping. The automatic drinking machine will automatically pour water into the bowl, whether you are at home or not, you can keep the water full and clean.
It is used as a self modifying agent for cats. According to the cat's lifestyle design, it provides a sense of friction for the cat. Product features: 1. Cat thin
The lotus can attract the cat to scratch and make it clean; 2. It is easy to clean and install.
Stainless steel needle comb with antiskid handle can meet your pet's fur combing requirements without damaging the fur.

The cat hammock uses four suction cups to place the cat hammock in the window or other places to save space and allow your cat to lie here to enjoy the beautiful scenery and enjoy the sun

Cat toys peppermint fish and steel wire fish with Bell ticking cat stick. 1. Cat Mint in fish can make cat excited and active. 2. The cat can bite it and play safely. 3. With
The steel wire fish ticking stick of the bell can make your interaction with the pet more interesting and attract the attention of the cat.
3-in-1 depilating roller, pasting device, handle with a hole for hanging storage, compact size, easy to carry, high-quality paper tape, easy to tear, ready to use
Tear, easy to remove clothing, furniture and car seat pet fur, dust and fluff on the chair.

Precautions for use:
The cat hammock is made of PVC pipe and steel wire, covered with Oxford cloth and supported by four suction cups. The suction cup is unique and can pass through any level without any tools
The window is fixed and can be installed.

1. When using and installing, please ensure the safety of people and cats, and pay attention to the safety of pets.
2. Keep the windows clean and smooth, and remove moisture, oil, dust, wax, convex, rough and flaky surfaces.
3. Determine the installation position and reserve enough size to ensure the safety of the insurer and the cat.
4. Put the suction cup in warm water to increase the suction, clean and dry the suction cup surface and the adhesive surface to make the adhesive no longer contact.
5. Make sure to press the locking position as hard as possible.
6. When four suction cups are arranged in a square, the maximum force will not drop.
Tips for using two bowls of pet automatic drinking water:
Put down the cap, turn over the full bottle, place it in the small groove, and press the bottom of the bottle. The water will flow out of the water bowl. Note: do not pour hot water into
In the kettle.

This product does not contain cats, clothing and other decorations.
Due to different lighting and screen settings, the color of the item may differ slightly from the picture.
Due to different manual measurement methods, please allow slightly different sizes.

What's in the box?
1 x Litter box (with litter shovel)
1 x Triangle cat's nest
1 x Cat hammock (self assembly required)
1 x Pet water bowl
1 x Linter
1 x Catnip
1 x Cat stick
1 x Pet brush
1 x Roller (with 2 replacement)

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