5-in-1 Steam Cleaner Multi-Functional Steam Mop 1400W
5-in-1 Steam Cleaner Multi-Functional Steam Mop 1400W
5-in-1 Steam Cleaner Multi-Functional Steam Mop 1400W
5-in-1 Steam Cleaner Multi-Functional Steam Mop 1400W
5-in-1 Steam Cleaner Multi-Functional Steam Mop 1400W
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5-in-1 Steam Cleaner Multi-Functional Steam Mop 1400W

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1.Large capacity water tank + strong atomized steam, upgraded endurance without frequent water addition, carefree mopping. Equipped with a low water level reminder for convenient timely refilling.
2.Two gear options for size, 105-degree steam can eliminate 99% of viruses, quick steam release in 20 seconds, high temperature to defend family health by eradicating viruses and bacteria.
3.Six major safety protection designs:
3.1 Thickened aluminum alloy boiler withstands high pressure.
3.2 Anti-dry burning design with automatic power-off.
3.3 Sensitive constant temperature device for continuous sterilization.
3.4 Grounding protection for safety against leakage.
3.5 Double-layer insulated wires isolate potential hazards.
3.6 Water shortage detection, electromagnetic pump prevents dry pumping.
4.Equipped with five different functional cleaning brush heads, suitable for versatile use in various locations.
4.1 Nylon brush: Used to remove dirt from corners of the kitchen, living room, and bedroom, as well as surface stains on objects.
4.2 Stainless steel brush head: Used to eliminate stubborn stains, such as grease on range hoods, gas stove tops, showerheads in bathrooms, towel racks, tile surfaces, and stains on washbasins.
4.3 Scouring round brush: Used for cleaning kitchen surfaces, tabletops, tiles, and marble. Also effective for surface cleaning of some products.
4.4 Brush head extension tube: Used in conjunction with brush heads to extend the cleaning range, reaching narrow areas.
4.5 Replaceable mop: 260mm x 140mm, three-layer design with internally reinforced high-temperature cotton for efficient durability.
4.6 Clothing cleaning head: Used for ironing clothes, cleaning curtains, cleaning cotton sofas, and plush toys.
4.7 Glass scraper: Used to clean surfaces of doors, windows, and tiles.
4.8 Measuring cup: 150ml measuring cup for convenient water tank filling.
4.9 Threaded hose: Functions as an extension, working with different brush heads to clean dirt in high or narrow areas.

What's in the box
1x Steam Cleaner host
1x Mop board
1x Aluminum tube
1x Nylon brush
1x Stainless steel brush head
1x Scouring round brush
1x Brush head extension tube
1x Replaceable mop
1x Clothing cleaning brush head
1x Glass scraper
1x Measuring cup
1x Threaded hose