Mix Box Wireless Home Smoke Detector Sensor
Mix Box Wireless Home Smoke Detector Sensor
Mix Box Wireless Home Smoke Detector Sensor
Mix Box Wireless Home Smoke Detector Sensor
Mix Box Wireless Home Smoke Detector Sensor
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Mix Box Wireless Home Smoke Detector Sensor

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Note: This product does not work alone, it needs to be used with Mix Box WIFI Home Security System Alarm Wireless IP GSM System Kit.

Connects through the host to send a signal to your phone once smoke is detected.
Sounds a 90db alarm and indicates trouble with a flashing red alarm.
The smart system will let you know as soon as the battery discharges low voltage for quick replacement.

Material: Plastic
Colour: White
Size: 10.6cm x 10.6cm x 4.15cm
Package Size: 12.5cm x 12.5cm x 8cm
Weight: 0.2kg
Power: 9V
Standby current: <10uA
Operating current: <30mA
Smoke Sensitivity: || Grade
Transmitting distance: > 100m (open air)
Operating temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C
Alarm sound: 85dB
Transmission frequency: 433MHz 1527/2262
Battery life: at least 1 year

Installation instruction:
Select the area to mount the device (ceiling/wall), drill two holes, then insert the plastic expansion tube, and tighten it with screws to secure the bracket.
Please note that the detector should not be opened, please test the device to make sure it is working fine before installing.

How does it work: The LED flashes every 45 seconds after the detector is installed. When combustion particles are detected, the alarm goes off until clean air is detected.

How to test before installation: Press and hold the test button to trigger the alarm signal, the alarm goes off, the LED flashes rapidly and a wireless signal will be released.
Release the test button, and the alarm and flash stop.
You can also blow smoke into the detector chamber to test the device, the LED will continue to flash for 11 seconds and then send a wireless code.
It is recommended to test the device once a week to ensure it is in working condition.

1. Do not install near doors, windows, fans etc. where the airflow is fast, to avoid affecting the detector's sensitivity.
2. Do Not install in high-humidity or high-temperature places, such as bathrooms. Please note that the working temperature should be -10 °C to +50 °C.
3. Please clean the detector with a soft brush every six months to ensure the sensor's sensitivity. Please remove the battery before cleaning.
4. For various reasons, including but not limited to environmental conditions, such as interruptions or tampering, can affect the product's performance. It is recommended that the user take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of his/her property.

1. There is no alarm after pressing the test button: Please check the power supply.
2. There is no alarm when smoke is detected: Please clean the device to make sure the sensor is working fine.

What's in the box?
1 x Mix Box Wireless Home Smoke Detector Sensor