Drop In Tank Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Drop In Tank Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Drop In Tank Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Drop In Tank Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Drop In Tank Toilet Bowl Cleaner
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Drop In Tank Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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This product contains active ingredients to help remove foul odors; clean and prevent yellow scale build up.
The solution is blue in colour for easy indication to when product is finished.
This cleaning solution also kills and removes bacteria and virus lurking within toilets.
The ingredients are phosphorus free making it environmentally safe, easy to dissolve leaving no product build up which can over time damage the enamel on the toilet.
You can get up to 1600 flushes from one bottle.

Size: 18cm x 7.2cm
Weight: 1kg

Usage Instructions:
1. Remove product from package. Peel off the blue label on the bottle body and tear off the seal at the bottle head;
2. Place inside the cistern/tank of the toilet. Keep away from all water inlet out outlet channels to avoid blockage.
3. If the colour has not release within 10 minutes, lay product on it's side.

1. This product is used for toilet cleaning, do not use for other purposes;
2. Not for animal or human ingestion, should this happen seek immediate medical attention. If product gets in contact with eyes, flush out with clean water. If no improvement seek medical attention immediately;
3. Please keep in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children and pets;
4. Do not mix with other chemicals;
5. This product is only 3 toilet cleaner, without any other decorations;
6. Due to different lighting and screen settings, the color of the item may differ slightly from the picture.
7. Due to manual measurement, please allow slight difference in dimension.
8. When the blue colour is no longer present this is an indication that it has finished and needs to be replaced.

What's in the box?
3 x Toilet bowl cleaners