43Pcs Tools Sculpting Tools Pottery Carving kit
43Pcs Tools Sculpting Tools Pottery Carving kit
43Pcs Tools Sculpting Tools Pottery Carving kit
43Pcs Tools Sculpting Tools Pottery Carving kit
43Pcs Tools Sculpting Tools Pottery Carving kit
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43Pcs Tools Sculpting Tools Pottery Carving kit

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The pottery tool set contains most of the modeling clay tools to meet the needs of carving, shaping, modeling, cutting, scraping, brushing, smoothing, etc.
Various double-sided designs, can handle any detail carving, smooth wooden handles make each tool comfortable to hold, you can get into tiny areas, and will effectively shape clay.
These durable and well-made tools are easy to use and clean. The wooden handle is smooth and comfortable and ensures a firm and secure grip. The corrosion-resistant metal tip head is solid and curved but will not break when pressure is applied.
Equipped with a storage handbag for easy carrying of engraving tools. It is made of durable material that cannot be punctured by even sharp ceramic carving tools, making it safe to carry around.
This basic set of sculpting tools can be the perfect gift for anyone who loves to play and work with clay, suitable for both beginners and experts.

1. This product is only a pottery tool set with no other decorations
2. Due to different light and screen settings, the color of the item may be slightly different from the picture
3. Please allow slight differences in size due to manual measurement
4. The ends of stainless steel are very sharp, so please be careful to keep them out of the reach of children, or these tools should be used under adult supervision

Product specifications:
Material: metal, wood, silicone rubber
Weight: 0.49kg (1.08lbs)
Product Size:
Storage handbag: 21cmx10cmx6.5cm (8.26inx3.93inx2.55in) Expansion: 59cmx21cmx0.2cm (23.22inx8.26inx0.07in)
Lace knife:17.5cm/19cm/16.8cm/17cm/16.5cm/19.2cm/16cm/17.8cm/16.2cm/17.5cm/13.8cm/14.4cm/12.7cm/16.2cm/14.8cm/16cm/16.6cm/ 17.8cm/19cm/16.4cm/16.2cm/16.4cm
(6.88in/7.48in/6.61in/6.69in/6.49in/7.55in/6.29in/7in/6.37in/6.88in/5.43in/5.66in/5in/6.37in/5.82in/6.29in/6.53in/ 7in/7.48in/6.45in/6.37in/6.45in)
Plastic wooden knife: 15cmx1.7cmx0.6cm (5.9inx0.66inx0.23in)/14.5cmx0.95cm (5.7inx0.37in)/15cmx1.85cmx0.6cm (5.9inx0.72inx0.23in)/15cmx1.9cmx0.6cm (5.9 inx0.74inx0.23in)
Pill Stick: 11.9cmx0.6cmx0.4cm (4.68inx0.23inx0.15in)/12.2cmx1.2cmx0.8cm (4.8inx0.47inx0.31in)/12.6cmx1.5cmx0.9cm (4.96inx0.59inx0.35in)/13.1cmx1 .8cmx1.1cm (5.15inx0.7inx0.43in)
Dotting needle: 14.5cmx0.75cmx0.1cm (5.7inx0.29inx0.03in)/14.8cmx0.75cmx0.1cm (5.82inx0.29inx0.03in)/15cmx0.75cmx0.15cm (5.9inx0.29inx0.05in)/15cmx0. 75cmx0.18cm(5.9inx0.29inx0.07in)/15cmx0.75cmx0.25cm(5.82inx0.29inx0.09in)
Eraser: 17cmx0.68cmx0.65cm (6.69inx0.26inx0.25in)/16.2cmx0.35cmx0.35cm (6.37inx0.13inx0.13in)/17.2cmx0.65cmx0.6cm (6.77inx0.25inx0.23in)
Embossing rod: 15.8cmx0.6cmx0.23cm (6.22inx0.23inx0.09in)/15.5cmx0.65cmx0.28cm (6.1inx0.25inx0.11in)/15.5cmx1.57cmx0.2cm (6.1inx0.61inx0.07in)/15.3 cmx1.84cmx0.36cm (6.02inx0.72inx0.14in)
7 needles: 13.5cmx0.56cm (5.31inx0.22in)
Packing size: 21.5cmx10.2cmx6.8cm (8.46inx4.01inx2.67in)

What's in the box?
22 x lace knife
4 x shaped wooden knife
4 x pill sticks
5 x stippling needles
3 x eraser pen
4 x embossing sticks
1 x7 pin
1 x storage handbag