678Pcs Cable Repair Kit
678Pcs Cable Repair Kit
678Pcs Cable Repair Kit
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678Pcs Cable Repair Kit

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678 pieces of insulated cable end sockets, plugs, chassis terminals, heat shrinkable tubing, and cable repair kits, neatly placed in a separate box for easy access.
The product includes 17 different types of cable sockets, total of 350 pcs, and 8 different types of heat shrinkable tubing, total of 328 pcs.

Size: 27.5cm x 19.8cm x 2.3cm
Parameters: 20pcs each (circular red RV1.25-6, fork blue SV2-4, ring red RV1.25-4, ring red RV1.25-5, ring blue RV2-4, ring Blue RV2-5); each 25pcs (semi-insulating flake red MDD1.25-250, fork red SV1.25-4, semi-insulating flake blue MDD2-250, semi-insulating shovel red FDD1.25- 250, semi-insulated shovel-shaped blue FDD2-250); each 15pcs (open wire nose OT-10A, ring-shaped blue RV2-6, all copper square terminal DT8, semi-insulated barb PBDD1.25-250, semi-insulated Barb PBDD2-250); 30pcs bare terminal to take over BN1.25AWG18-22; heat shrinkable tube bag 328pcs

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What's in the box:
350 x mixed type wire terminals
328 x mixed color heat shrinkable tubes