It’s 5 o’clock somewhere

on October 19, 2022

The saying “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” is mainly used by people as an “excuse” for a late or early cocktail. That might be the best saying in the world because it is honestly never the wrong time for a cocktail. However, having a cocktail at a different restaurant every time is an expense that not everyone can afford. But, there is a solution available at Heartdeco, and that is the 12PCS cocktail shaker and bartender tool.

This cocktail shaker and bartender tool will turn you into an expert cocktail maker; you will have people lining up outside your door just try your creations. From making whiskey sours at home to making a simple ‘shaken, not stirred’ martini that even James Bond would kill for, and all you will need (besides the actual ingredients), is our shaker and bartender tool.

This stainless steel tool comes with all the gadgets you need to make the perfect 5 o’clock cocktail. It has 12pcs so it has everything you need like ice tongs, a muddler, strainer and a mixing spoon amongst other things. This tool also comes with an amazing bamboo display stand so that everything you need is close by and stored correctly. All the tools are easy to access and quick to clean. The high quality stainless steel means that your bartender tools won’t rust and break easily.

This bartender tool is so amazing because it will not only help you make amazing cocktails but will also add a certain unique design element to your home. The silver accessory will elevate your home and make it feel modern and unique.

The hot weather and longer days means there is always time for a cocktail. Peach Bellinis, Moscow mules, cosmopolitans and any other cocktail are going to be the standard for brunches and of course all the holidays that are coming up. Stay refreshed and relaxed with a cocktail in hand that was made by you and made in your own home with your own Heartdeco 12pcs cocktail shaker and bartender tool.