Future Rock Star Accessories

on November 30, 2022

Children are a gift that can only be described as magic. They bring happiness, laughter, joy and togetherness to all families. Because children are so amazing, it is always a good idea to let them explore every aspect of life in order for them to find their passion. Let them explore painting, sports, math, science and even better – music!

Letting your child learn how to play the drums would not only elevate them in terms of hand-eye coordination but it will also increase their brain capacity. The children’s toy jazz drum set by Mixbox is the perfect gift for your little one to get a head start on their mental and physical development. The drum set includes cymbals, a pair of drumsticks, a plastic drummer chair and drums made with a thick knock membrane for a better sound (but not too loud).

This drum set is in an amazing blue color that will also make playing way more fun. Besides all the fun and development that will be experienced by your child, you can also help them learn to play your favorite songs. Just imagine your 4-year-old learning to play the drums like Travis Barker does on many Blink 182 songs or play like Sir Ringo Starr did for The Beatles - the possibilities are endless.

At Mixbox, we know that the next future rock star of the world needs our drum set to kick start their journey. Get your hidden rock star baby this drum set and let them practice over the holidays, and who knows? Maybe one day they will be drumming for the next big rock band.